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Since 1919, Junior Achievement's purpose has been to educate and inspire young people to value free enterprise and understand business and economics to improve the quality of their lives.

Junior Achievement is the world's largest and fastest-growing non-profit economic education organization. Our programs are taught by classroom volunteers from the business community in your area across America and in over 122 countries worldwide.

Junior Achievement is a volunteer driven, non-profit organization. This year locally more than 400 business professionals, parents, retirees and college students will enter our schools to teach Junior Achievement programs. These volunteers use their personal experiences to make the Junior Achievement curricula practical and realistic. Providing children with positive adult role models, who illustrate ways to build self-confidence, develop skills and find avenues of success in our free enterprise system, is a hallmark of Junior Achievement.

Junior Achievement of North Alabama is a member of JA Worldwide, a global organization that operates in 124 countries and reaches 4 million students each year. For more than 25 years, Junior Achievement of North Alabama has prepared more than 100,000 local students in financy literacy and entrepreneurship. After countless volunteers and dedicated classrooms, we would like to thank the generous community for the understanding and focus on a child's education in real-world matters.



Inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.

JA is one of the few global non-profits to use independent, third-party evaluators to gauge the impact of its programs. Since 1993, independent evaluators have conducted studies on JA’s effectiveness. Findings prove that JA has a positive impact in a number of critical areas. Summaries of the findings are also published in the JA Programs section of .
Results show that students who participate in JA programs understand more about personal finances and budgeting. Compared to students in general, JA students:
  • Have a more positive self concept and higher self-esteem.
  • Are more likely to graduate from high school (90% vs. 70%).
  • Are more likely to attend college (73% vs. 60%).
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JA bridges the gap between school and the real world. Real-life examples and realistic examples make the content relevant to what students can do after school is over. This motivates them to learn and become better prepared for the world of work.
According to a Fleishman Hillard 2005 Awareness & Perception Study:
77% of business leaders agree that involvement with HA can improve corporate reputation.
83% of business leaders agree that JA is effective in helping prepare youth for future leadership and success.
83% of business leaders agree that volunteering for jA is an opportunity for employee development.
Junior Achievement is one organization that is answering the call to educate our next generation of consumers. With these skills, they will grow to run our nation’s businesses, government entities, and educational institutions.

 To learn more about Junior Achievement of North Alabama, call 256.533.4661 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . To learn about Junior Achievement Worldwide, click here.

 Click here to sign up to volunteer or for more information.

JA Interim Director – Mary A Ramsey